Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Presents From Friends

I was surprised to find a gift box at the door the other day that came from Japan! Sure enough it was from Aya, Hiro, Rico, and baby Ann. Of course baby Ann isn't much of a baby anymore. Don't you just love the picture of Etta trying to open the box? Just a little impatient.
Mommy to the rescue with scissors. The first item makes cool decorative sushi rolls. I haven't used it yet because I need Eric to help me with instructions. But, I can see this getting some use once school starts.
Hello Kitty and Mify sticker books. The girls LOVE these.
A multi color pen for Chloe
Matching dresses for the girls....they fit!
For Chloe's birthday they sent her the cutest purse which she loves. It's full of Littlest Pet Shops at the moment and she takes it everywhere with her. What thoughtful friends. It makes me miss Japan and all the wonderful people we met there.

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Pam said...

That was so sweet of Aya to send the girls presents. I bet they miss you guys too...