Friday, July 08, 2011

P90X Update

It's only been several days since we started P90X but have some thoughts to convey about it. First of all, everyone has been commenting that it really does work if we stick with it. However, Eric and I are not going to do it every day. You may think we are cheating, but Eric and I already regularly go to the gym to exercise several days a week. I typically lift weights then do cardio but occasionally take a spin class. We're planning on doing P90X at least every other day. Some days the girls get to bed too late for us to do the routines together and other days we're going to be too tired. We're looking at this venture as icing on the cake and I truly believe it will work for us. Mainly because I've lost a pound (been two days at my new weight) since starting. One down, six more to go. Let me say, I haven't seen the scale this low on my weight since I was in my teens. Yes...I've always been a big girl!
Time to get ready for a spin class this morning. What do you do to stay healthy? Any particular work out routine or eating patterns/rules?

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