Wednesday, July 06, 2011

P90X- Day 1

As some of you know, I lost a lot of weight after returning to the states and I've been able to maintain it since moving to Las Vegas. But, now I want to shed a few more pounds. Seven to be exact. My friend highly recommended P90X if I wanted to shred some fat and add some more muscles. Turns out Eric was even interested in the idea.
Last night we looked over the information and started our first session. It included a lot of pull ups and push ups. Let's just say this morning my upper body is a little sore and will probably be a lot sore by tonight or tomorrow morning. I'll try posting about our work outs occasionally and at the end of each month I'll post pictures of our progress. I'm excited thinking about the possibility of loosing several more pounds.
Me- Day 1 on P90X

Eric- Day 1 P90X


Jen said...

Cool! Dan and I have done the P90X Plyometric kicks my butt, but still fun. :)

Christy said...

I didn't know you had done some P90X, sounds like they have something for everyone.