Friday, July 29, 2011

Fancy Nancy Ballet Camp at Kids In Motion

Etta and Chloe had a two day ballet camp with best buds Mackenzie and Riley this past week. The theme...Fancy Nancy! My girls aren't too familiar with Fancy Nancy since we don't have any of her books, but we have read them in the library and at friends' homes. I figured, "What little girls wouldn't like doing a Fancy Nancy workshop?" Of course I was right! The girls had a blast. On the second day, parents were to come 15 minutes before the end to see a little performance from the girls. There were eight girls total so it was nice and small, unlike the Tangled workshop they did last month. Here are some of the best pictures of their girls' performance.
The girls coming out...
What are the odds the four girls would be next to each other? Makes for great photos.

An up close picture of Etta with stick on earrings.
Chloe being cute and wearing as many rings as she can.
Doing the Can Can.
Etta saying a french ballet word and demonstrating what it means.
The last performance for the parents.
Doing little turns followed by a curtsy.
Chloe's turn.
Happy girls.
The girls.
The girls got to take home their crowns, tutus, butterfly wands, Fancy Nancy crayon books, rings, and earrings. The girls had a blast and I'm sad that we don't have any more ballet camps scheduled. Plus, they only two more weeks of ballet lessons at the city center. I can't believe that we have one month left of summer break. This summer is going by so fast.

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