Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chloe's Birthday With Grandparents

My parents and grandma came from Phoenix to spend the weekend with us celebrating Chloe's birthday. After they got settled in the house they broke out some birthday presents for Chloe and a few things for Etta as well. Here is Chloe's first present which Etta generously helped unwrap.
The girls love Littlest Pet Shops and this was a hit.
Of course they wanted it opened immediately. Why are those boxes so hard to unwrap? Eric and my dad had to take it to the kitchen for scissors and knives.
One happy girl
While the Pet Shop toy was being pried from it's box, the girls got to open more presents. Of course my mom would be the one to find a birthday party themed book with golden retrievers.
Muddypaws, still haven't read it yet...maybe tonight.
Since the girls' rooms are fairly barren, my parents brought some cute things to hang up.
The girls love to color and draw, maybe they'll hang up their artwork in their rooms instead of the fridge.
From great grandma Helen, a Chloe doll. How appropriate.
Chloe loves Chloe!
A Pucci Pup, the girls love these things! Of course a couple of days later my mom gave the girls clothing to put on their Pucci Pups. No need for a new dog around here.
Later that day we enjoyed sitting around and playing in the pool. Here's my grandma trying to keep cool.
Etta taking a break from swimming between sunken rings.
Jack came with my parents on the visit and he had fun swimming in the pool too.

Only one more set of Chloe's birthday pictures to go...the party.

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