Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chloe's Birthday Party

We celebrated Chloe's birthday this past weekend with a BBQ with friends and family. We started off by playing a game of cotton ball pick up which some of you may already be familiar with. That's one good thing about moving all the time, our ideas don't get old! Chloe did pretty darn good.
Here is everyone waiting their turn.
Here's the big winner!
Here's Etta turn, she did pretty good though.
Another game of lawn darts...but in the house.
Here's the big winner for that game.
Etta's turn
Eric suggested the kids do a Barbie Jeep race. The outcome was quite hilarious with Eric and my dad running interference for those that had never driven before. Just check out the pictures below!
Chloe in total concentration. She had one of the best times though.
Another serious concentration.
Look at that concentration, the tongue says it all!
Our big winner!
Our biggest driver of the day, unfortunately the Jeep didn't do well with her being heavier than the rest.
This one took down a tree (which did survive).
Several of the girls playing dress up.
Unwrapping presents. A really cute lamp.
Pandemonium. I think everyone had their hands in on the unwrapping.
A purse full of hair goodies. One of our guests tried stealing something for herself!
Check out some of the awesome gifts.
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie dough in the center with butter cream frosting.
A princess carriage cake.
Blowing out her candles
The finale...the princess pinata.

Finally...candy and little toys.

Don't you just love how Etta is still in her swimsuit and goggles?

What a party! I hope all our friends had a good time. Etta is already planning her birthday. Good thing I've got half a year to plan that one.

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Pam said...

The whole day was so much fun. I think the girls both had equally the amount of fun. Iknow we sure did.