Saturday, July 09, 2011


I was fortunate to be told about the awesome North Las Vegas community center and all that is offered for kids just in time to register for classes. Seems like if you don't register within the first 24 hours, classes are completely full. I even talked two friends into enrolling their daughters into the same class. For six weeks, an hour each week, and only $25 per kid, the girls enjoyed learning ballet. The classes were great and the last 10 minutes of their last class was a little show for the parents. Of course 2 minutes before that show, another little girl stuck a stick in Chloe's eye and she wasn't able to perform. So, here's the video of the girls' performance.


All the girls are doing another session of lessons and have another 4 weeks to go. They're working on a new routine. Can't wait to see them preform again.

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