Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rock the Tea

About a month ago I got a call from a friend of mine telling me that a couple ladies were going to order a Rock the Tea from crowdsavings.com. I wasn't sure what it was but she explained that it was a 2 for 1 deal for girls to go dress up and have fun. Since a bunch of us have little girls we all ended up ordering it and hoped to schedule a one hour private party as soon as we could. We finally worked out some free time that coordinated with the business and used our coupons today. Once all the girls arrived, the curtains were opened and the place was ready for us.

The girls were whisked away to the back to pick out their dresses. They had plenty of colors and designs to choose from.
Mackenzie was for this princess dress.
Etta saw the owner holding this one and snatched it up as fast as she could.
Kenna and Chloe picked the same fairy dress.
After getting dressed and adorned with accessories, they got their finger nails painted and a little make up put on.
For some reason beads at the bottom of the bowl make it so much more fun.
Chloe waiting for her nails to be done.

Nails...check, make up...check, super cute Etta...check!
Riley, Mackenzie, and Etta hamming it up for the picture.
Chloe was playing coy and it worked with this lady.
After the girls were all dolled up, they got to do a fashion runway show. They were each introduced and got to pose at the end of the stage. Here are a few...

All the pretty girls.
After their runway show they got to enjoy a tea party, sans tea. Pink lemonade for these girls as well as gold fish.

The owner, Laura, read a book about princesses being polite. She had the girls' attention with this one.
Then a game of Freeze Dance. Chloe was apprehensive but overall they had fun.
Wrapping up our hour of fun with limbo.
The girls weren't too happy to change back into their regular clothes but as a treat, Laura gave them each a lollipop before leaving. Let's just say it was a successful afternoon. Here's Chloe when we got home. Need I say more?


Pam said...

That was amazing, all little girls should have this much fun!

Jill said...

Wow, what a great place!