Friday, June 17, 2011

One More Shipment to Go

Last week we were supposed to receive our two storage units from California but only one of them showed up. Somewhere along the line, the company didn't do the right paperwork and one unit was left behind. The company has been working hard to get it out of storage, on a truck, and in the direction of Las Vegas. We should have it sometime next week. A date would be nice but I'm just glad it's on it's way.
My dad was supposed to be here a few weekends ago but didn't make is since he was in the hospital the night before his arrival. He was having heart problems but the doctors haven't found anything wrong with him. He's been feeling great since then so he is heading to Vegas today. We're pretty excited to have him, it will be his first time seeing the new house. He wants to help put things together for us. Luckily we've done a lot of the tasks already since it's been a few weeks but we'll have plenty for him to do the next couple of days. We're also looking forward to his arrival because he's bringing Maggie with him. Boy do we miss her! He's also bringing Jack since my mom has a few girls in season. Looks like we'll be keeping him for a month, until everyone comes back to Vegas for Chloe's birthday. Should be a full house!
You may be wondering about the pictures. My old baton twirling stuff was in the most recent shipment so I pulled out my ribbons for the girls to play with. They were dressed up for their ballet class so these pictures turned out great. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as the girls enjoyed playing with "their" new toys.

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