Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Hair Cuts

Since we have two weeks off of ballet, we have a free day! Since my neck hurts I don't fee like going to The Y for exercise. But, the girls are in need of a hair cut. Good thing Great Clips sent me some super coupons earlier in the week. I signed in online so they knew we were coming. They were ready for Etta just after walking in and Chloe a few minutes later. After Etta's hair was all trimmed I planned on paying but my wallet wasn't in my purse. No way. Oddly enough my checkbook was in my purse but of course they don't take checks. The ladies said to take Etta and go home for the wallet while they finished up Chloe's hair. You can imagine how weird it felt leaving Chloe behind to run home. Even though it's only 2 miles away it felt like it took a lifetime to get there. Earlier in the morning I had bought Fill A Seat on and never returned the wallet to my purse. At least I knew exactly where it was. When I got back to Great Clips, Chloe was happily playing with the provided Legos. Needless to say the ladies got a good tip and I bought the two shampoos/moisturizers they recommended for the girls' hair since they'll be swimming daily. Here's what the girls look like...

Chloe, going shorter and embracing her waves.

Etta, keeping it long and straight.

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