Monday, June 20, 2011

Boys and their Toys

This weekend was great. It was the first time in many years that I got to celebrate Father's Day with my dad. He drove up Friday with Maggie and Jack and planned to stay until Monday. He wanted to help with any little or big projects that needed help with. We put him to work but then he got to play on Sunday.
Eric was unfortunately working half the day on Sunday but got home with plenty of time to play with new presents. I ordered remote control helicopters for Eric, my dad, and even Eric's dad. Here are a few pictures of the boys playing.

Eric teasing Maggie

Maggie saying, "I'm out of here!"

Eric teasing me with the helicopter.

I could even feel the wind from it.

Dad trying to land the helicopter on Jack's crate.

Needless to say, he didn't land on the crate.

Heading towards Eric.

"Land on my hand"
Good job Dad!
Eric said that the helicopter was the best Father's Day present ever. My mom also sent some presents along with my dad. She gave both Eric and my dad Pig Tail Food Flippers. My mom ordered them from food tv and they came in a wood box, but the amazon one looks the same. We decided to grill chicken to use the new tool, but Eric had a hard time since he's left handed. So, if you're a lefty it will only work if you use your right hand. Regardless, it's a neat little tool.
Sad to see the weekend go as well as my dad. He was planning on leaving Jack for a few weeks until my family comes out next month for Chloe's birthday party, but Jack enjoyed peeing in our living room too much. So, back to Phoenix he goes. Too bad too, I love Jack.

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Pam said...

We'll bring back next month, and I will keep a good eye on him:)