Monday, May 16, 2011

Will Tomorrow Be The Day?

Last week during the girls' ballet class Eric text me saying we were to sign the paperwork our house the next day. Wow, things were moving pretty darn good. My mom was in town so she watched the girls while we went to the title company to sign the stack of papers for the Lancaster house. At the paper signing they told us they had moved up closing two days to May 17th. We couldn't believe the good news.
Afterwards, we picked up my mom and the girls and went straight to the house to do a walk through with our realtor (by the way, I refuse to capitalize realtor). This was the first time my mom has physically seen the house. She's seen pictures and has heard lots of descriptions (starting back in October!). We even met the neighbors on the back of the house (they were fixing their pool's waterfall) and told us their 14.5 year old daughter babysits. Score! A babysitter behind our house!
It's the day before closing but we didn't get any news from title, the bank, or our realtor. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day that everything goes as scheduled and end up recording and getting keys. Please say a prayer for us. We will be nervous until the keys are in our hands. As soon as I know, I'll be sure to blog and facebook the news.

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Jill said...

Well is tomorrow the day? Hoping for some good news for you.