Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Settled In

We are finally in the house...with internet. We had all of our stuff from Japan delivered on the 20th and it didn't take the movers long to unload everything. I have to give a big shout out for our friends who helped watch the girls and take Etta to gymnastics those first few days of unpacking. It makes a huge difference knowing several friends living in the same city.
We're still getting used to having a house again and working on lots of little things as well as the big ones (like lots of organizing and purging). Eric is figuring out the pool. He took a sample to the local pool store and they said to drain it and refill it. That, plus getting the pool vacuum fixed (and it's still not working right), buying four new filters, ordering a pool fence (still needs to be installed) and generally trying to keep it clean has been keeping Eric busy.
We've also had house guests already. Crazy I know. New friends of ours were supposed to close on their house the same day we were moving in to ours and it was delayed. They weren't going to have a place to stay as of Saturday night and I figured, "We have 6 bedrooms, we have plenty of room for you guys." It wasn't neat, but it was a place to sleep and let their daughter and baby boy play. They even helped do some organizing. It was great. Plus, it was wonderful seeing them close on their house Monday. We both have had a lot of problems with buying a home on the Vegas market. I still hate thinking about the last eight to nine months.
Eric had filed a police report as well as called the Better Business Bureau on the security company that changed the locks on the house the day we closed. Eric finally got an email from the company and asked what they could do to fix the problem. Eric looked online for similar hardware and a fake rock and gave them a $250 total. They've agreed and now we just have to sign paperwork for them to send us a check. Fingers crossed that will actually happen.
Before leaving for Japan Eric made Chloe a frog bed but it wasn't finished. He needed to basically paint it and put it back together. He worked on it this weekend and Chloe is now sleeping in it. No kidding, check out the picture...Chloe is truly sleeping in it. My mom requested a picture and Chloe fell asleep at 6pm.
Eric is TDY for two days to Beale AFB in Sacramento, CA. It's kind of strange being in this big house without him. But, it gives me free time to type this up and watch a girly movie at the same time. My dad is coming out Friday and staying for a couple of days. He plans on helping with a few things around the house. He's also hoping to be here for our storage shipments that are supposed to arrive early next week. Man, now that will be like Christmas. It's been almost 3 years for one storage unit and 4 years for the other!
If anyone is thinking about getting away for a little vacation to Vegas, let us know. We have plenty of room for you.


Pam said...

Love the bed, and I like the little side table for her night light. Too cute :)

Jill said...

Glad you guys are getting settled in your new house. Have you been able to swim yet in your pool?

Christy said...

We've gone in several times so far. The girls are loving it! I'll have to get pictures of us playing in there next time.