Friday, May 20, 2011

Moving Day

I looked back at my old posts in September of 2010 and realized we moved out of our house in Japan September 3rd! That is just over 8.5 months ago. So, if you've ever wondered why we are so anxious to move into a house, that should be your answer.
It has been a long time since we've seen our things from Japan and we get to see everything today! The house will still be pretty bare once everything is moved in since we still have two storage units in California (mostly furniture and kitchen supplies). One we haven't seen since we first moved to Monterey (July of 2007) and the other we haven't seen since just before moving to Japan (July 2008). Dang, it's going to be like Christmas for the next month. We're still waiting to hear when we'll receive those two shipments. Probably in another two weeks.
We're still working on the security company that came and changed the locks the day we closed on the house. They are pretty much giving us the "oh well" routine and not planning on fixing the door. Eric called them yesterday and said if they don't resolve the issue we'd call the police for trespassing and theft of property and got the "oh well" again. He did call the police and they said they pretty much couldn't do anything. That's just crazy. We know the company that came in and trespassed and stole and the police give us an "oh well" as well. Eric still wrote a report to the police in hopes that someone may want to do something. We also made a formal complaint to the company as well at the Better Business Bureau. I'm sure everything will get resolved with the collection agency once they get paperwork showing that someone else owns the home, it's just the matter of the principal. The company should have called the listing agent to find out if the house was still on the market or not before breaking in. Maybe we should call our local congressman next?
Friends of ours are watching the girls for a couple hours today so I can try being useful in unpacking today. Fingers crossed that we can get this place looking like a home soon. I'm so excited! We'll be without internet for about a week or so (how will I survive?), hope to get pictures of our house on here soon.

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