Friday, May 06, 2011


Man it's hard to make decisions with so much uncertainty in the near future. We're supposed to close on the new house May 20th but could possibly close sooner since the paperwork is near its end. Fingers crossed because we haven't heard anything about renting the house and it's been two weeks (half of escrow)! We just need to know when we're closing so we can order our household goods to be delivered as well as our two storage units in California. All the things that go through the mind while trying to close and get everything in order. Please pray things go smoothly for us in the coming weeks.
Since we haven't closed on the house it's really hard to sign Etta up for school next year with the uncertainty of us closing on this house. Granted, there are no ex-husbands in the picture to put a lien on the house but I'm still nervous something is going to delay or derail our closing. But, we're optimistic we're closing on this house so we're making Etta's education decisions based on that. There are two schools within a mile and a half of the neighborhood but neither of those schools are zoned for our neighborhood. We'll be zoned for Vincent Triggs Elementary which is three miles away. We'd be able to use the bus service, but so would everyone from kindergarten through 8th grade. Yeah, we weren't excited about that news. So, I went to Kitty Ward which is just down the street and gets great reviews from everyone I've talked with. I signed her up in full day kindergarten along with another friend of ours. I had to sign a variance and all was good.
Last week I got a call from Kitty Ward saying that the principal approved the variance but Triggs denied it. They needed more full day kindergarten students to have three classes so they wanted Etta. We tried going to Triggs to talk with the principal but got the "Leave a message" response. Eric got a call the next week saying there was no use appealing it but that would be the next step. Eric spent a good day writing a well thought out appeal to the district. Two days later he got the call saying the variance was approved. Let me just say the Kitty Ward receptionist was quite surprised when I called and told her it was approved. I get the feeling most variances are not. Of course it's good only for one year but we'll tackle that battle when we get there. For now, I'm just excited she'll be going to the closest school that seems to be pretty good.

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