Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Good and the Bad

We hadn't heard anything on the house after lunch so Eric made a phone call to our realtor. She said the title company hadn't received the loan amount from our bank yet and couldn't reach our loan officer. After making several phone calls and emails the money finally showed up. Then we waited for news on closing and recording. A couple hours later my friend called and congratulated me. Eric and I kept asking where she saw it online because we were watching the Clark County Recorder website but hadn't seen it yet. She pointed us in the right direction and sure enough at 2:50pm we were owners of the Lancaster house!
We called our realtor who didn't know either but after checking she gave us the lock box code so we could take some of our stuff to our new house. We filled up the van with some stuff and went to the house but found a big truck parked in front as well as tons of water running into the street. We found out that a water line in the backyard had broken and they had turned it off. Also, they were the company that comes and forecloses on homes. Yes, you heard me. They had done an inspection and changed the locks to the house. The bank weeks ago scheduled the foreclosure inspection, even though we were now the owners of the home. (the foreclosure department and short sale department don't communicate with each other) We ended up going back home where Eric got pretty upset. It was now our home and we couldn't even get into it! Our realtor got the new code from the listing agent (who got it from the bank) so we could go into the house and make sure everything was ok. Eric and Ronda met up at the house and noticed everything was fine except for the large fake rock in the front hiding all the water lines had been taken (thank you security company) and the beautiful hardware on the front door was gone and replaced with a horrible gold lock. Eric went right away to the hardware store to replace it with a lock only we have a key for.
So, today we get to battle with the company to come back and replace the missing rock as well as the hardware on the door. Who would have thought buying a house could be so difficult? I thought we were in the clear yesterday seeing the house recorded and now we have to jump through a new hurdle. But...technically the house belongs to us and we are moving our stuff from Japan into the house Friday! Regardless of the set back, we are super excited to have a place to call home soon.

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Jill said...

First, congratulations!! Good grief! I hope it gets easier!