Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Go For It Gymnastics

On the second night we were in Vegas I was invited to play bunko with some other wives from the squadron. I felt adventurous and wanted to meet some people so I went. One of the ladies was talking about her daughter doing gymnastics and it caught my attention. If you remember, Etta did gymnastics in Japan and loved it so we wanted to get her involved in it again once we moved. Of course I asked lots of questions and called Go For It the next day. We scheduled a free trial class for both Etta and Chloe the following week. Chloe was in the little kids class and had a blast. Especially since she made a new friend, Riley. Etta went in the next class for slightly older girls and had a good time jumping around. She had an impromptu try out for the Future Stars class that meets twice a week. The Future Stars coach wanted Etta to come back for the next class to see if she was strong enough for the class. Two days later we were back and Etta did a 90 minute class and got the thumbs up from her new coach. Much to Etta's delight because she now loves Riley's big sister Mackenzie.
Eric even came with us today so he could watch Etta and Chloe in their classes and to see the amazing facilities.
Font sizeGetting ready for drills

This picture doesn't show much but I wanted you to see some of the equipment they have at the gym.

Still flexible, even after months of no gymnastics classes
What a cute class

She's so focused in this picture it's cute
One of the only shots that turned out since it was brighter in this spot. Hopefully we can get some better pictures of Etta doing something rather than sitting around.

The section where Chloe works in is really dark and this is the only one that sort of turned out.

Etta working on pikes and Chloe watching from behind the glass.
For any of my Las Vegas friends that find this place interesting, they have free trial classes. Just give them a call. Also, during spring break (April 18-21) they have half day classes available. We also found out that the evening of April 16th they'll have gymnastics, bounce house, foam pit, and an egg hunt. What a fun place!

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