Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finally...Good News!

Eric and I were watching the new Harry Potter movie last night and Eric noticed he missed a call and had a message. Turns out it was our realtor and finally heard that the bank gave us short sale approval. Eric played the message so I could hear it. It's first time in years that I've cried with happy tears. I was laughing too, but there were definitely tears. Probably because the end is in sight! Seven months after moving out of our house in Japan and living out of suitcases, we finally know we'll have a house. However, I'll still be praying that everything goes smoothly so we can close on this one!
Eric called our bank this morning and started escrow. They have us closing on the 23rd of May but we're going to see if they can get it done one business day sooner (Friday instead of a Monday). We even have the same escrow person working on our paperwork since she should already have everything still in her system.
We're still hoping the sellers are willing to let us rent the house during escrow. We're waiting to hear back from our realtor to see what the news on that is. Fingers crossed. We'd love to move in early and see our stuff again. It will be like Christmas.
Thought I'd include some pictures of the house. I haven't seen it since October and can't wait to see it again. Please pray for us, that the banks can work through everything quickly and that the sellers will rent to us. We're ready to settle down for as long as we're meant to be here.


Jill said...

Fantastic!!! So close. Just in time to enjoy that pool this summer.

hchamberlin said...

That house is amazing!!!! That spiral staircase had me at hello!