Sunday, April 17, 2011

Egg Drop

A few weeks back we saw a sign for the annual Egg Drop sponsored by Grace Point church. We registered online, picked up our wrist bands earlier in the week, and showed up on time. Man was it crazy! We were expecting a lot of people but we think there were just too many people. It was hard to walk there were that many people. Back to the question I'm sure you have, "What is an egg drop?" The church sections off areas designated by age and a helicopter comes and drops plastic eggs on the field. Then the kids go out and pick up eggs which they then exchange for candy. So, here's our morning at the egg drop.

We got some free ice cream on our way into the park which kept the girls entertained while they waited in line for a bounce house.

I think each round of kids got about two minutes to play inside. They were all smiles!

Etta on the slide

Chloe getting air on the slide!

Happy Chloe!

Etta, Chloe, and friends waiting for the egg drop to begin.

Looking for the helicopter.

Excited about going after the eggs!

Here comes the helicopter, it's dropping eggs on the toddler field first.

Waving at everyone.

25,000 eggs dropped between all four fields.
I went with Chloe in the toddler field and she picked up about 5 eggs. A few minutes later the 4-6 year olds went into their field. Instructions were parents! We must have been the few parents who actually paid attention because we along with our friends let our kids go out onto the field alone and all the other parents ran in with their kids. Just imagine trying to find your child among hundreds of adults out on the field. We all freaked out and took off looking for our kids. Luckily one of my friends finally found Etta, Eric found another, and eventually all the others turned up. Unfortunately, only one of them got eggs. Which is such a disappointment when other kids had baskets full. We had lots of tears from the girls (Etta in particular). We decided to skip the exchange of eggs for candy and just take off for U Swirl It Yogurt since the lines were incredibly long. We tried leaving but couldn't pull out of our parking spot after 30 minutes! We then decided to go back and exchange the candy since the event wasn't supposed to close for another 30 minutes. Of course they were already out of candy, so we had more crying, this time from both the girls. Luckily they still had free ice cream so we let the girls have another and got in line for free face painting. We also got the girls a free balloon.
Eric says it was worth every penny we spent (which was nothing) but we would opt out for next year. It was just way too many people. We think the church has great intentions for having a free community event but they may need to think about putting a cap on the amount of people allowed in next year. But, now we can say we've seen a helicopter drop Easter eggs!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you Christy, it was just to crazy out there and then they ran out of candy??? What's up with that? I'm glad your girls had some fun face painting and free icecream.....maybe next year we can do an easter egg hunt in our back yeard. do you have any plans for next weekend, I would like to have you over for dinner or maybe we could meet at the condo and let the kids go swimming. Let me know we love hainging out with you guys. Talk to you soon. Lisa