Monday, April 25, 2011


What a great Easter this year. We went to Canyon Ridge's Saturday evening service which was full or jamming music and an inspirational sermon. We thought Eric's parents would get a kick out of seeing a mega church while visiting us this weekend. I think they were quite surprised with the church, music, and service.
The girls woke up to presents from my parents. Of course they kept asking to eat candy for the next several hours, which got pretty annoying. But they were entertained by their new Little Pet Shop toys my parents sent as well.
Easter baskets from grandma and poppy
That afternoon, several families got together to do an egg hunt by the playground. Friends of ours came over for dinner and the hunt as well so we had lots of real eggs and plastic eggs to hide. We had so many eggs that we ran out of hiding places. However, the grass was so tall it easily hid some of the eggs.
Had to hold off the kids while waiting for the other kids to show up.


The girls kept their eyes open for their friends as well as all the hidden eggs.

They all saw this egg and wanted it.

Chloe kept trying to pick this one up before the hunt.

Kade was very patient.

Chloe was excited and ready for the egg hunt.

And they're off, Etta running through the rocks looking for eggs.

Etta found one!

Etta was running the entire time and ended up with a basket full!

The kids comparing their baskets

All smiles!

Chloe walked right by these three eggs!

"Found one!"

"Look at all my eggs!"

Double checking the rocks for any missing eggs.

The kids checking out all their eggs and seeing what was hidden inside the plastic ones. Kade found the really special egg with a $5 bill inside!

We had an Easter dinner of ham, sweet potato casserole, rolls, asparagus, deviled eggs (courtesies of the kids' real eggs), salad, apple pie, and ice cream. Needless to say, I'm going to have to eat healthy all this week to make up for last night!
Etta, Kade, and Chloe eating Easter dinner
As you can tell the girls have had a great Easter with the egg hunt and playing with their friend Kade. I'm looking forward to the next holiday being in a house!

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