Saturday, April 23, 2011

Decorating Easter Eggs

Earlier this week the girls picked out the only egg decorating kit they could agree upon, Glitter Eggs. Since Eric's parents are visiting for a few days we decided it would be great if they got to watch the girls prepare their eggs today. Watch the girls decorate step by step.

Six eggs each
Six different colors
Eggs are dyedshake that glitter!
the glue
"Shake shake shake, shake that glitter!"
She's so cute when she smiles
Going from glue to glitter
Chloe checking out her eggs she finished
Glitter eggs
Glitter eggs are done!
We're doing an egg hunt with some neighbors and friends tomorrow. We've got our 12 decorated eggs plus a bunch of plastic eggs full of candy. All the kids should have a good time tomorrow. More pictures to come.

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