Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

You can tell I have apprehensions going through the short sale with the Lancaster house by my blog or facebook. I think I'm jaded after the last short sale fell through and am now on the pessimistic side of things. It's been a rough couple weeks not knowing if we can close on Lancaster or not. Will it work out or not? If I only knew that in 2 months from now we'll have an awesome house, I'd stay steadfast and not mind living in the condo. It's the uncertainty of not knowing how long we'll continue living out of suitcases and where we'll be living in the near future. We can't stay in this condo forever. How long do we wait for this house? What will happen if this house falls through? It's eating away at my stomach lining.
So, it starts with my backup plan. Eric and I have been talking about it off and on and had decided to keep our options open. Our realtor sent us a listing for a foreclosure and since it had a huge backyard with a pool we decided to check it out in the off chance that it would be the one. It was a great location for Eric since it was near the freeway that heads to work but unfortunately it ended there. At the end I asked Ronda point blank what she thinks about Lancaster. She said she's 99% positive that we would close on it, it's just a matter of when. She said that the negotiator is the person that actually requested the price drop of $15,000 and is putting all the paperwork together to send to the bank and investor. She said that will probably take a week and hopes to hear something in several weeks. That was the first warm and fuzzy feeling I've felt in weeks. Then she kills my warm and fuzzy by telling me a recent short sale story from her clients. They waited 4.5 months for short sale approval and were two days away from signing on the house when they got notice that it went into foreclosure and was sold at auction the day before. Our realtor said it was due to the listing agent (who is well known in Vegas) not talking with the foreclosure people during this short sale process. Can you imagine how that couple feels? All the time and money they are out because someone wasn't doing their job.
For now, we'll wait again. We'll keep our options open for a conventional or foreclosure home but we really do want this house and hope our realtor is right. If not, we'll worry about it when we get there.

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