Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sea World, San Diego

Since Eric made it to Oceanside, CA with the girls and I, we decided to make a vacation of it. We listed our options and Sea World made the top. Mainly because admission was free! You heard me. If you happen to be in the military they have a program called Here's to the Heroes and the active duty member plus three dependents get in free for the year 2011. So, if you are thinking about going to CA, check out the link. What a savings!
Even though the line to get tickets wasn't long, it took forever to get in. It was after 11am by the time we posed for our first picture just past the entrance.
We tried making it to the sea lion show right off the bat, but a bathroom break for Chloe made it impossible to get a seat. So, we opted to wait for the dolphin show. It was almost like seeing a dolphin show in Las Vegas. People dressed up like birds swinging through the air, trapeze artists, high divers doing flips and somersaults, with a little dolphin and whale action here and there. Eric said they should have had fireworks to really make his day :)

At the dolphin show
Chloe mesmerized
We didn't get any pictures of the dolphins doing flips, but we did get a picture of this pilot whale.The Sesame Street play area was a hit with the kids. We did several rides, climbed around a huge net area followed by a several story high twisty slide, then a HUGE bouncy area.
After playing we made the Shamu show. We arrived plenty early and were still up in the nose bleed section. We could still see well and didn't end up wet, so I figure we ended up winning in that venture.
Shamu waving
Shamu splashing the section furthest from him
Haaa haaa, they all got wet!
The girls sat through one show extremely quiet and attentive. It was the Pets Rule show and they had cats and dogs doing tricks for 20 minutes. Very entertaining. We had a great day overall except we had promised to let the girls get their face painted. I figured it would run about $10 each. We watched a girl get hers done and then asked her dad for $18 dollars! No way, it took less than 5 minutes and would be off before bedtime. I felt so bad breaking their hearts, but they just didn't understand it was for something that would last them only several more hours. Luckily, they have forgotten all about it today. So, be forewarned, if you go to Sea World, expect some crazy prices on everything!

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