Thursday, March 17, 2011

San Diego Zoo

I don't remember the last time I've been to the San Diego Zoo and was ready to go as a family. Especially since they let in active duty for free; just show your ID card at the gate. Since Eric's parents are members of the zoo, they had some free passes as well. So again, admission was free! To top it off, parking is free too. What a great start to the day. Here's some highlights of our day.
We started off in the kid area and of course spent a good amount of time at the little playground.
Chloe has finally figured out smiling for the camera.
Etta spinning, courtesy of dad.
Recovering from the spin, it was fun watching her eyes dart back and forth.
My little bugs
In the petting zoo being cute
One of the few baby goats inside.
More bugs!
The girls seemed to enjoy the otters the most. Daddy too!

If you're going to be at the Zoo all day long, I suggest buying this giant drink. Refills are free. The girls particularly liked the elephant on top.
Face painting was slightly cheaper here than Sea World so we splurged on the girls. Here's their transformation:

Rainbow Butterfly

Rainbow Butterfly too! She was going to get a swan but loved Chloe's so much, she wanted the same thing.
Two very happy girls.
For our Japanese friends...the girls haven't forgotten the peace sign.
The girls soon forgot the reasons we came to the zoo in the first see real animals. The enjoyed climbing on the fake ones way more.
Checking out some fake ice.
Peek a boo, a seal air hole
Chloe was pretty darn cute when she was making seal noises as she popped out of the hole.
Chloe being silly
Snack time felt like every 30 minutes
We even saw two pandas, the girls even seemed interested in them. This one had part of his left ear chewed off when he was in the wild.
That's our trip to the San Diego Zoo. We walked miles as well as the girls. It's the morning after and my hips feel like the walked up and down hills all day long. But, it was worth it. I may have to put this zoo near the top of our zoo list. Right up there with Tama Zoo in Japan. Hope you enjoyed the photos, I know they make me smile!

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