Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chuck E Cheese's

I hate to admit the girls have a thing for Chuck E Cheese now that we are back in America. But, there could be worse things right? We were looking for an indoor activity one afternoon to break up all the excitement with Sea World, the zoo, and Balboa park this week and the girls didn't request...but demanded Chuck E Cheese. They knew I had mentioned to Eric that there just happened to be one down the street from Eric's parents' neighborhood. We decided to take them in between lunch and dinner during a week day so the place was quite and we had it nearly to ourselves. I printed out some coupons for tokens (buy this many get this many for free) and spent some time following the girls around.
Who greeted the girls at the door? Chuck E!
Etta and her many attempts at winning tickets.
I typically have better luck at this than the girls have at anything else.
Chloe wasn't too sure about this Jeep.

Riding a horse; I more or less did the steering.
Happy Chloe!
Riding a roller coaster.
After all our tokens were gone, we let the girls turn in their tickets and pick out some toys with their winnings. It was all little things, but the girls were happy. If you want to go to Chuck E Cheese, go online and sign up for some coupons and try the ticket blaster to earn tickets before even going there. We had an extra 60 tickets for the girls to turn in at the end because of it.
After Chuck E Cheese, Toys R Us was conveniently located across the parking lot. We went browsing since Riko's birthday is next week. You can see Etta carrying Riko's present below.

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