Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 12th UKC Show

Dee Dee needs just one more win to get her UKC championship so we entered her in the Saturday show in hopes to finish her off. Etta had shown some interest in showing in the Junior Handler Class so she has been working with Dee Dee all week long. Since she is so young, parents are allowed to go in with the kids to help. We ended up doing a day of show entry so she could run around the ring and stack Dee Dee. Here she is getting ready to go into the ring with the judge.
Her armband was just a little big for her.
Going around the ring

stacking Dee Dee for the judge to go over her
to the corner and back, then free stacking
Her last time going around the ring
First place! Granted, she was the only one in the class, but she did great.
Unfortunately Dee Dee didn't finish her championship today. Sigh. She's so dark and small a lot of judges don't give her much of a chance. So, we'll be going back Sunday for day of show entry in hopes that one of the two judges tomorrow will like her. Fingers crossed:)


Jen said...

Yay Etta! Christy - still loving your shades. :)

Christy said...

Let's hope I don't break or loose them which is typical of me with sun glasses!

Tara said...

Aw! Dee Dee is so cute. I hope she gets noticed next time! I love all these dogs your mom has. They match perfectly with all you redheads. :) We may need to get a dog like that for our family one day! :)

And yes, very nice shades. :)

Stacy said...

Wow, I have not been keeping up! Now Etta is a famous dog show kid and you are moving to Vegas. Etta looks so grown up, I can't believe it!