Thursday, January 20, 2011

So...About Las Vegas

Man, this has been an emotional move. Who would have thought we'd go house hunting twice, bid on 4 homes, go through escrow on one, and still not have a house almost 4 months later? I feel like it's a script for a really drawn out tv episode! After our house fell through in Las Vegas I jokingly asked Eric if New Mexico was still interested in keeping him. During escrow they had made it clear that they'd like him to stay there and I gave the big negatory since we were in the process of buying the McMansion. Well, my question to Eric became a seed and grew. Last week he asked if they were still interested in keeping him there and they said, "Hell yeah!" Let me remind you, Alamogordo was last on our list and way out of my thought process so when he told me this I just about flipped out. However, this is a great job for Eric. First of all, it wouldn't be shift work like Vegas. Second, Eric wouldn't have to drive 45 minutes each way to work. Third, they offered him a leadership position. It's hard for me to say, "Screw that, I want to live in a nice house close enough for friends and family to visit," after hearing all the benefits of working in New Mexico. My only request to Eric is I want a nice house. We've lived in small dumpy places the last three years (not including living with my parents the last 4 months, although not dumpy) and we had promised the girls for the last 6 months a pool in the backyard. So, Eric has his hands full in finding a rental house or a house for sale that can meet the requirements.
It's not finalized until New Mexico can get Las Vegas to release Eric so we'll see what happens in the coming weeks. More waiting for news! It is nice thinking about having Eric home more regularly and having holidays off. It will be hard being so much further away from our families though. Not like anyone will come visit us in the middle of no where New Mexico (maybe our parents).
That's the most recent news even though it's a work in process. Who would have guessed this new change in plans?

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Jill said...

Your life is like a soap opera. . These are the "Days of the Winterbottom Lives." I hope you find out soon where you are going to live!!!