Sunday, January 30, 2011

January UKC Show Weekend

It's been over a month since I showed my mom's dogs and here I am still in Phoenix. So, I was put to work this weekend. My mom bred Gina 30 days ago and really wanted to have her United Kennel Club championship by the time the puppies come so she would be an International and UKC champion. Gina needed two more wins with competition and some more points on top of that to finish. Today that happened!
This girl can move!

Gina has been looking a little firm the last week and I told my mom, "She looks pregnant." She's also been acting super clingy to my mom. One of my mom's handlers said she could palpitate to see if she could feel anything. She said she felt one. My mom will be taking her in to get an ultrasound this week and possibly see how many are in there. It's been awhile since my mom has had a litter and is hoping for a good size litter. Just in case you are wondering, Jack is not the daddy. Gina went and spent a good week with a champion named Riley.
As for Jack, he finished his UKC championship on Saturday winning best of breed both times. Unfortunately Jack went second in the Gun Group to the Broco Italiano both times. Turns out he's the only one in the country, so I suppose it's only fair he gets the win!
Sunday was a good day for Jack, he went best of breed both times as well. But, he got group 1 and got to go for Best in Show. Jack showed awesome...but didn't win. The pit bull won best in show. Jack didn't win group the next time he went in, the German wirehaired pointer won that time. Here are some pictures.

Jack in the Group ring
Gun Group
Jack showing his stuff to the judge in Gun Group
Jack in the Best in Show ring. He's gorgeous and showed wonderfully.
Jack and some of his winnings today with his breeder Betty.
I love Jack. He's only 15 months old and looks this good. I hope he holds together and matures into a beautiful boy. I can't wait to see what he looks like 9 months from now! Five days of dog shows starting this Thursday. I'll only be showing three of the days since Etta and Chloe have school two of the days. Fingers crossed that Jack will do well.

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Jen said...

Jack is a great looking dog! I still can't get over how awesome you look showing them. :)