Friday, January 07, 2011

House Dilema
How could buying a house be so complicated? I suppose it has a lot to do with today's market. As you all know, we have been waiting her hear news on the house on Bullring. Finally, today we got some news. The title company that pretty much ruined the deal says they can't do anything for us. But, our realtor has been in touch with a different title company and they said they could close on the house for us. However, we're acquire the lis pendens on the house from the ex husband. We'd then have to hire the lawyer to expunge the lien on the house. I kind of want to do it, but is this ex husband as crazy as he seems?
We saw several houses the day we were supposed to move into the house. One of them was a nice floor plan, in rough shape, ok size backyard, and down the street from Bullring (the girls would be going to the elementary school I like). Fairly cheap too. So, Eric was thinking about putting a bid on it and see what happens.
Then Ronda our realtor had some more news for us. The first house we fell in love with on our first day of house hunting may be available here in a week. The buyers look like they can't get a loan for the house. So, the bank is about to give it a short sale approval and possibly no buyer. The sellers need to file for bankruptcy and need the sale to close soon. The bank wants another buyer to step into the deal...aka US. Since we are already qualified for the purchase we'd step in and start escrow.
We're planning on waiting to hear the news on Lancaster (our first love) before making any other decision. I assume waiting for Lancaster means we'll loose the one Eric was looking at bidding on today. Houses don't stay on the market long. As for Bullring, we'll see what happens. We're waiting to hear from the bank. They will have to remove the lis pendens if it goes into foreclosure so the listing agent wants to see if they'll do it now.
Drama...drama...drama. All this information and we still just sit and wait.

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Jill said...

Maybe it happened this way, so you get the first house you loved. Trying to find the positive.