Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010
This is long overdue. We celebrated Christmas early with my grandma since she was leaving for Wisconsin. The girls didn't complain about opening a few presents early. GG (great grandma) gave Etta and Chloe each a barbie and they both slept with their new toys that night.
Last Christmas was an all day event. Unwrapping of the last present was well after dinner. They would unwrap a present then play with it. Of course we were expecting the same thing this year so we decided to have our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. We had a yummy dinner with duck and ham and all the usual fixings. We did our normal tradition of letting the girls open one present each. The girls left cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. This is what greeted them in the morning:

Needless to say it was a day full of smiles from Etta and Chloe. I can say that the scooters are by far Etta and Chloe's favorite Christmas present this year. Hmmm, thought it might be the Barbie dream house they both wanted to bad!
Santa also brought a vanity. Grandma and Poppy stocked them up on makeup and hair stuff. Needless to say the girls get dolled up nearly every day.
Checking out their Barbie dream house

One of her many presents
Eric putting together the Barbie vacation house. Have you noticed that it was a Barbie Christmas?
Dolled up and opening more presents
I think I know what's in there...Barbie!
Chloe loves this Minnie Mouse golf set
Etta really dolled up now
Etta, my brother Eric, my dad
Christmas didn't take all day this year. The girls were only interested in playing with several of their packages. It seemed like they just wanted to move on to the next present more than anything. It was a great day and the girls are still trying to remember which toy is theirs or their sister. Unfortunately my parents house is really crowded now with all these big toys.
As for my gifts, I got a roomba from my parents and the mint from Eric. I ended up returning the mint since it was meant for the house we were supposed to close on. Hopefully the roomba will work on whichever house we end up in. Hope everyone had a wonderful 2010 Christmas.

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