Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Can I Say?
I haven't been blogging much lately. We've been just living life and sometimes I feel it's too boring to write about it. Just to give you an idea of daily life, the girls are either going to school or I'm keeping them entertained throughout the day. I'm really enjoying my several hours of free time three days a week. It gives me time to go to the gym, walk Maggie, and even get an uninterrupted shower. There is nothing like having little heads poke into the shower. They find it funny, I just find it annoying! I've also been enjoying going to the store or doing Christmas shopping without them in tow. Speaking of Christmas, I'm so excited about it. My grandma is leaving for Wisconsin this weekend so we are celebrating with her this Friday. Can't complain about a ham dinner this week and next week. The girls will be excited to open a few presents early. Eric will be making his way to Phoenix around the 23rd and the girls are planning on hanging on him every moment they can. Me too!
As for the house, we are still closing on the 22nd, for the moment. The paperwork is in order and is heading its way to Las Vegas. Then it will be sent to me in Phoenix, then back to Vegas, and then eventually we'll have a house. To tell you the truth, I don't know the inner workings of all this. I can't wait to be in our house!
This last weekend my mom took the girls, myself, and two golden retrievers to Tucson for an International dog show. Since Tucson is a 5 hour drive time from Alamogordo, NM Eric was allowed to come visit us. It sure made our weekend. While I showed Dee Dee and Gina, Eric took the girls to the zoo and the pool one day and the children's museum the next. It was a good weekend. I put an International title on both Dee Dee and Gina. Dee Dee went Best of Breed and won the Sporting Group but didn't end up winning Best In Show. I really wanted that win! I have my shot again this weekend with Dee Dee and Jack at a UKC show here in Phoenix.
Dee Dee, she's so easy to show

Gina, or as I like to call her A.D.D.!


Dee Dee, I love her!

This was a girl Dee Dee was against all weekend, the complete opposite of her! This is referred to as an English Cream.


Jen said...

That's so cool that Eric was able to come out - I remember really liking the Tucson zoo when I went a couple years ago because all the animals seem so close!

Christy said...

Unfortunately I didn't get to see it and Eric said some of the animals weren't on exhibit for one reason or another. But the girls had a good time. Eric also told me Tucson is in the running for done planes. Hmmmm, wonder what the odds of getting stationed there in the future are? We wouldn't be horribly far from you guys.

Jen said...

Closer than Vegas! I can almost get to Tucson in the time it takes to get to Peoria. :)