Monday, December 27, 2010

Vegas Here We Come
We're leaving for Vegas today but we still don't have our house. We should have closed five days ago and we're still waiting. But, we have permission to go into the house and clean it out plus they are giving us $220 for cleaning services. It's a disaster full of garbage and unwanted stuff. I've seen pictures from the inspection and hope it looks better by the time we see it. But, I'm going to be realistic and say we'll be cleaning all day tomorrow. Please pray that we will close tomorrow because everything is being delivered Wednesday. We've already pushed the delivery back from today and not sure if we would be able to move it back again.
We were hoping to stop by the title company (Lawyers Title) with the kids and dog to inform her that she's really putting us out by not doing her job. However, by the time we get to Vegas it will be too late. But there is always tomorrow. Instead of camping out in our new house, we'll be staying at La Quinta. One of the few places that will allow a dog. They do have an indoor heated pool!
Eric is grabbing the last of Maggie's things and stuffing the van full. We'll have internet while we stay at La Quinta. Hopefully I will be disconnected from the internet sooner rather than later because that will mean we're moving into the house! Please pray that everything goes smoothly.

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Tara said...

We'll pray for you! I can understand how you must feel. We had a similar situation here and just barely moved in a few days before Christmas. Moving around the holidays is stressful! I will hope and pray things go smoothly for you. God bless!