Friday, December 24, 2010

Still Haven't Closed
We were supposed to close on our Las Vegas house on the 22nd and that date has come and gone. I'm thankful that USAA (our lending bank) has been pretty good throughout the transaction. We had to stay on top of them making sure they have the right paperwork and what not, but they got their end of the job done. As for the title company, Lawyers Title in Las Vegas has been very difficult. I didn't hear from title until the night of our closing date. After resigning some paperwork (it was wrong initially) I emailed asking if we were still closing on time and her email back was, "No." Hmmm, could you elaborate? Of course not. She pretty much is avoiding us like the plague and she's even avoiding my realtor and lending bank. It's been horrible. What's the hold up now you ask? HOA! Supposedly the title company sent the paperwork to HOA three weeks ago to sign and she didn't check back until the day of closing. Of course they say they don't have the paperwork. They are supposed to go through and make sure there are no liens on the house and the sellers don't owe anything before transferring the house. We had to cancel our household good delivery for Monday as well as our new appliances for Tuesday. Our realtor is being realistic in saying Wednesday for a closing date. However, she warned us that HOA is really hard to work with. Basically the attitude is they get to the paperwork when they get to it. I'm just upset because that's less time Eric will be able to help set up the house with me.
Please pray that the last of the paperwork is signed early next week so we can move in. I'm ready to see another pair of shoes! It's hard living out of suitcases for this long.

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Jill said...

So frustrating. . I can only imagine.