Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Phoenix Here I Come
I never saw this coming, but we're headed back to Phoenix tomorrow. Sigh. We came up Monday evening and were ready to start cleaning the house because the movers were scheduled for Wednesday. All we needed was a verbal OK from HOA to close, which we got. The title company ran another check on liens on the house and all of a sudden there is a lien on the house from the ex husband signed two days ago. Several hours into cleaning my realtor called and said to stop cleaning. Turns out the seller and the ex husband have been divorced since 2009 but he still paid a lawyer to put a lien on the house, just to piss her off. So, the sale was put on hold. The listing agent even called the ex and offered him money to sign a release. That didn't work, he threatened to sue everyone and even harass the buyers (us!). The title company was trying everything it could to fix the problem today. They called up a lawyer and they think this is unbelievable and could be fixed, given time and money. To make a long story short, the realtors and title company are searching for a lawyer who could take the case with a deposit up front rather than everything up front. Another hurdle is the seller wants to declare bankruptcy by mid February and if the house isn't sold to us by then, it will come off the market and will loose it for sure. However, the seller just wants to get rid of the house and be done with it so she is going to try holding out.
We were lucky to put a hold on our household goods as well as the appliance deliveries and change in utilities. What a big waste of time and money the last few days. Our realtor is going to show us several homes in the morning. We told her we'd look at no more than four since we have the girls and Maggie with us and they have to be pretty magnificent for us to give up on the other house. The biggest problem is if this house falls through, we are back to square one and we've already waited months for this house. This is pretty depressing but I'm glad my parents are willing to take the girls and I back.


Jill said...

Goodness, that is horrible. I hope things get easier for you soon. Back to sunny Phoenix!!

Jill said...

So what is the update ? House or no house? r u still homeless?

Christy said...

still homeless. I'll blog later tonight on the update.