Monday, November 15, 2010

UKC Dog Show

Since I'm living with my parents, it's only fair that I help out my mom and show her golden retrievers. She's taken me to several handling classes since it's been a decade and a half since I've been in a ring. Our first show was this past weekend at Cortez Park at 35th Ave and Dunlap. It's the first UKC show we've ever been too and was an interesting experience. If you've ever seen a dog show on TV, more than likely it was an AKC show which get pretty large and full of professional handlers. Not at this one. It was a nice introduction back into showing dogs.
My mom only entered Dee Dee and ended up showing her twice each day. Saturday she didn't do much, but Sunday was a good day. The second time showing her was under an AKC judge that obviously liked her as well as her dark coat (most judges go for the lighter goldens). She won her class (she was by herself!) then went back in against the puppy female and won that class (winners bitch). She went back in against the winner dog for best of breed. I was pleasently surprised when the judge put Dee Dee up as best of breed. My mom was happy too. Dee Dee had to go in for best of group which is basically the best of all the sporting dogs (wire hair pointer, Brittany, Spaniels, Labs, and even a Broco Italiano which I'd never seen before). She ended up second!

Dee Dee getting looked over by the judge

Mom's friend Betty and Riot in the male class
Mom's friend Stephanie and TAG (totally awesome golden)
We'll be leaving for Tucson this Wednesday for the dog shows on Thursday and Friday. This time I'll be showing Jack. Jack is a little more difficult to show, so I hope it goes ok.

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Jen said...

Good job Christy! (and Dee Dee too)