Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Releasing Butterflies

About a month ago we went to the Botanical Gardens and the highlight of the day was seeing the Monarch Butterflies. Native plants just don't captivate the girls like they do adults. On our way out my mom picked up a butterfly habitat and then sent away for some caterpillars. A few days later they arrived by mail, gave them food, and kept an eye on them for about two weeks. They grew several time their original size and formed crysalids. Once they formed their crysalids, we transfer them into the habitat and waited for them to emerge. One came out several days before the others. During one of Chloe's naps, three came out. The next day the fifth and final one emerged. We were originally planning on keeping them for as long as our flowers lived, but they looked pretty sad not being able to fly inside their habitat. We all greed to let them go the next day once the last butterfly's wings had dried.
The butterfly habitat
One was ready to go immediately
The girls were hoping that the butterflies would land in their hands.
Another one getting ready to come out.
My mom was able to get a picture of one of the butterflies flying away.
Trying to convince the last butterfly to leave. It was taking so long we thought we'd have to keep it until the following day. But, it finally left.
This one wasn't quite sure of it's wings. But once it got in the air, it didn't come back.
As soon as the butterflies were gone, the girls asked for more. Always wanting more. Sigh.

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