Friday, November 19, 2010

Palo Verde Golden Retriever Club Specialty, Tucson, AZ

My mom took the girls, myself, and Jack to Tucson, AZ for two days of dog shows (instead of the full 5 day circuit). Thursday was the golden retriever specialty where Jack was entered in Sweepstakes and the regular class. Sweepstakes is where the breeder is the handler (or in my case, family of the breeder) whereas the regular classes are usually flooded with pro handlers trying to put champion titles on dogs for a premium cost. Sweeps was first and Jack was in the 12-15 month old male class by himself. All the winners from the boys and girls classes went in together for best in sweepstakes. The little girl from the 6-9 month class won best in sweepstakes and then the judge gave Jack best opposite sex. My mom was super happy with that. Here are a few pictures.

The girls in Jack's crate, eating donuts

Jack looking good!

at 13 months, Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes

Shortly after sweepstakes I took Jack in for the 12-18 month old open class at took 4th of four. No surprise with what he was up against. Two of them we days away from 18 months and almost finished with their champion titles. Hope today goes better.
After the open class I went to get a cup of coffee and watch the rest of the specialty from the sidelines. One of my mom's friends came up and asked for a huge favor. Her handler was going to have a ring conflict, she had two dogs going in at the same time and only had one handler. She asked if I could take her boy puppy, Rebel in for best male. Let me just saw Rebel lives up to his name. He's a crazy puppy. I couldn't get the sucker to stack but did my best at free stacking him and keeping him from jumping on the judge. It was a good laugh. He sure is cute though.
Just a few more hours until we show again. Time to pack up the hotel room and work our way to the fair grounds. I don't expect any big ribbons today, but hope Jack at least shows well. I enjoy making my mom happy!

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