Sunday, November 28, 2010

Horse Ride with Santa
Mom mentioned that she saw a sign saying Santa would be in town Saturday. We asked the girls if they'd like to see Santa Clause and of course they went nuts. We drove to 67th Ave and the 101 (AJ's shopping center) and saw Santa in a horse drawn carriage. The girls were excited. We only had to wait 5 minutes of so for two families to go before us. Here are a few pictures of the horse and driver.
I love the tinsel in the hair and the front hoofs (they're glittery)
Our driver and dog
Etta wanted to sit on Santa's lap, Chloe wanted nothing to do with him!
Santa asked the girls if they've been good this year as well as what they want for Christmas. Etta wouldn't answer him, she just smiled. Chloe was more than willing to tell him that she wants the Barbie Dream Townhouse. Then Etta decided to nod. He asked if they wanted anything else, and they said said, "No, just the Barbie house." Santa gave each the girls a little elf doll and a candy cane.
We were taken just down the street infront of Cold Stone where the kids could get face paintings for $2. Etta and Chloe both wanted a kitty in a stocking.
Very happy with her cat
Just like sister!
They particularly liked the glitter she added to the stocking and cat.
The girls had such a good time seeing Santa (only cost a tip to the driver) and getting their face painted. They're ready to see him again to remind him about the Barbie house.
As a side note, Thanksgiving was great. Eric got here Wednesday evening and just left today. It was wonderful having him here for several days. Unfortunately he got sick Friday and spent the day in bed. The girls enjoyed hanging all over him while they could. As Etta and Chloe say, "12 more sleeps" until we see him again.

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