Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pictures By Etta

Etta took my mom's camera outside one afternoon and ended up taking over 100 pictures. About 30 of them were just of Mookie alone. I kept some of her better pictures and thought you may like to see them.
Maggie and Mookie
The new Jeep.
Mookie, who looks like snaggletooth in this picture.
The golden retrievers.
She really liked the clouds this day.
Mookie, always resting.
One of her most interesting pictures of the day. I would never have expected a picture of a steering wheel to look so neat. Good job Etta.


Anonymous said...

WOW !! You had led an amazing life woman ! I must say a small part of me has to envy you. I hope you got my message and add request on your facebook, if you haven't checked it lately GO CHECK lol. I look forward to playing catch-up with you soon ~Alicia W.~

Tara said...

These are great!

Jill said...

She did a really good job!!