Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oceanside, CA

We were planning on going to CA on Monday after registering Eric's new civic, but realized it was a holiday and the DMV would be closed. So, we threw everything in the van and left for CA Saturday night. I got a pretty good cold by the time we got to CA so I ended up staying home most of the time while Eric, the girls, and his parents went out. So, I missed the Wild Animal Park. Here are some pictures from around the house. Dave and Maggi's neighbors loaned us their Jeep for the girls to drive. Let's just say they had a blast!
Originally Chloe wanted nothing to do with the Jeep, so Etta had all the fun.

Eric, me, Maggi and Chloe, Dave and Etta
Chloe has decided the Jeep is fun!

video video

I'd type more, but life is crazy. We got back to Phoenix about midnight and now we're going to turn around and go to Vegas today. The sellers haven't signed yet on 'The Mansion' yet so we want to go ahead and do more house hunting while Eric is still here. We're just staying one night without the girls and will be back late Friday. Eric takes off to New Mexico Sunday morning.

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