Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Long Time In between
The feel of my pillow and the comforts of my parents home surround me this early morning. We've been on the go since leaving Japan and now have some time to reflect the last two weeks. We only spent three days at my parents house after arriving from Japan. Unfortunately those days we would wake up around 11am since we were still functioning on Japan time. Trying to switch time zones that different was really hard on the girls. After three days in Phoenix we flew to Dayton, OH, rented a car and drove to Lexington, KY. Eric's friend, Chris Herman (some of you may remember him as our best man) and his family live there now and we wanted to see them. We spent three nights there (again spent a lot of time sleeping in) and even got to enjoy a night out without all the kids. My first time to Kentucky and I really enjoyed it.
We drove back to Dayton, OH to see Eric's brother and his family. They just had their second son this summer so we got to see our newest nephew Max. Allen introduced the girls to Thomas and they had a blast.
After two days in OH, we drove to Ann Harbor, MI to see some of Eric's family. We stayed with his Aunt and Uncle and his grandma came from her assisted living home to stay with them as well. We tell Etta it's her great grandma Etta and she gets so excited that someone has the same name as her! It was pretty much three days of just seeing family and I think Eric was happy to get that time in with his grandma. Having is grandma Winterbottom pass away several months ago put a lot of pressure on him to see his last grandma as soon as possible.
We drove back to Dayton, OH and stayed with friends we made in Monterey, CA. We only got to stay one night since we were flying out later the next afternoon and it felt way to short. I hope we can make another Midwest trip again soon. I really liked it there! The people were friendly, the places we went to were super cute, and the homes were way better than out here in the west. Why don't we have basements? Stupid home builders.
The day after we returned from our trip we left the girls with my mom so we could go check out some Honda Odysseys. We had looked at all the used ones available at dealerships (through the internet) and saw one that most suited us at the furthest dealership from my parents house. We went there first. They of course started out with the most expensive and newest ones but we asked to see one in particular, and '07 EXL with DVD. We looked it over, took it for a drive, and hashed out numbers. Turns out they had listed the price incorrectly on the website and still honored it, we got a great deal. So, I now have a dark blue Odyssey, with grey leather interior, DVD playing mommy mobile. What an upgrade from the Mitsubishi Delica!
We spent most of Sunday with my good friend Laura and her family. Etta, Chloe, Claira, and Emma spent the entire time playing in the pool, slip and slide, see saw, or with the dogs. It was a great day. Laura is extremely pregnant and is due any moment. Waiting to find out the sex!
Eric and I left the girls with my parents to house hunt in Vegas for a couple of days. Man, it looks like such a buyers market but I just can't describe it. It's not a buyers market, it's not a sellers market, it's just screwed up. We showed up at lunch time at our realtor's office and she had a list of 27 homes for us to see. But since that morning two of them were already gone. Of the 25 houses in my stack, 22 of them were short sales. That process takes anywhere from 2 months to 6 months to acquire. Yikes! We saw a handful the first day and found the perfect house. After several minutes of looking at it, both Eric and I agreed it was the one. From the kitchen our realtor called the listing agent and they had just got an offer and were working with those buyers. They were doing a lot of haggling and we just wanted to put in for listing price, which we ended up doing. But, we found out yesterday that the other buyers came through with all the counter offers. We ended up looking at a lot of homes and even more came off the market in the 2.5 days we were there. It was frustrating and disgusting looking at some of these homes. Since the bank is basically forcing some of these sales, many of the homes were in horrible shape. I want to purge the memory of them so I'm not going to describe it. We didn't end up loving any of the other homes that we saw. One was perfect, but in a bad part of town. Now that we are back in Phoenix we are thinking of one really nice gigantic (I would have referred to this as a mansion a few years back) house we saw and discarded it because it was too big. We're rethinking it now and may put an offer on it today depending on if it has any bids on it or not.
We're sticking around for several more days in Phoenix. We're leaving for Oceanside, CA Monday to see Eric's parents for several days. The girls get to ride the Odyssey for the first time!
I know I typed forever and don't blame you if you just skimmed it. Hopefully I'll have more time to sit down and type now that we won't be on the go as much. Looks like the girls and I will be on Phoenix longer than originally expected. I'll keep everyone posted on house hunting as we have more information. I really don't want to go up several times a month to look. Sigh.


Jill said...

She's back!!!! I was wondering where the crazy travelers were. It is like "Where's the Winterbottoms?"

Tara said...

Wow, that's a lot of travel! I sure hope you find a house you love in Vegas. Have fun in Monterey...I'd rather be there than here in Phoenix right now. Can you believe how warm it still is here?