Sunday, October 31, 2010

The girls have been looking forward to Halloween for the last few weeks. They didn't even know what they were going to wear until it was time to get dressed. Etta and Chloe picked the same as Friday's school festival so I put their other costumes in my big pink bag just in case they were needed.
The girls in front of grandma and poppy's front tree
We showed up to the church at 4pm, the beginning of the festival. The girls could hardly wait to try out all the inflatables. The dog was the first one the girls tried.
Then the giraffe
then the slide

the girls loved the slide!!!!
This was a race inflatable. The girls would go head to head literally jumping through small cracks. It was fun to watch.
going for another crack
Etta just won!
Chloe always came in second, but loved every second of it.
Inside the children's ministry building were tons of fair games, of course the prizes were candy!
Here they are fishing. One time they caught necklaces and the other time they caught sand toys.
face painting too!
After a free dinner of hot dogs, chips, and cookies, the girls played some more before doing a little trick or treating. It's the first time they've had a real trick or treating experience and the girls loved it! We only did one neighborhood block but the girls came home with a nice bag full of candy. Etta now LOVES Halloween.

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Tara said...

Those costumes are adorable! It's great that they had so much fun!