Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Day of American Preschool
Since we will be in Phoenix for another two months or so, the girls needed to enroll in preschool. Not just for their sake, but mine! It's been 24/7 Etta and Chloe since Etta's summer break, minus the few days of house hunting. Oddly enough, I considered that a vacation! The girls are going to a preschool just down the street from my parents located in a the Paseo Verde Church. They only go three days a week for four hours a day. Prices for preschool has been a shocker since moving back from Japan. Public Japanese preschools (from 3-6 years old) are subsidized so they are really cheap for full time time attendance. I checked Kindercare, and for three days a week, three hours a day, it was about $1300! That's just insane! I'd have to go back to work for that!

Since the girls go to school until noon, I have to make a lunch. Oh no, I didn't ship my bento supplies to my parents house. So, I've been working with what I have here at my parents. I ended up driving to an Asian market several miles from my parents place to pick up some of the girls' favorite Japanese things (like furikake, wakame, and quail eggs) and ended up making one of their favorite bentos. It was strange having all the teachers comment on the crazy lunch the girls' ate. So, I think I'm going to freak them out with the makkuro kuroskue tomorrow.
It's only been one day, but the girls are very happy. You wouldn't have thought that when I left Chloe for the first time. She grabbed my arm in a death grip and screamed. But, the director told me that it lasted just several minutes and was fine from then on. She was super happy and excited when I came to pick her up. She wanted to show me all her toys and friends. It was so cute. They are excited about tomorrow, their second day of school. So am I, I get to take Maggie for a walk again.


Jen said...

Glad it went well! That's so funny about the lunches. Poor Jade eats sandwiches EVERY day. At least I switch up what's IN them! :)

Was Maggie excited to see you guys when you first got to your mom's?

Christy said...

Oh my, Maggie whinned and went straight for Eric. Unfortunately every time we left for a trip she freaked out. But, she's happy the girls and I are here. She gets even more attention now!