Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yes...We are in America!
Sorry it has taken awhile to blog. It was a lot of working leaving Japan, flying to America, trying to adapt to the new time zone, and immediately leaving for another vacation. Here's the last week or two in a nut shell: We just barely made it out of Japan! We were the first to check in our luggage the day before our flight. We were told to arrive at 4pm the following day with a 4:50pm boarding time. We ended up having lunch with friends of ours and hung out at their place until 3:45. We arrived and were told we were supposed to be there at 2pm and were just about to miss our plane. Yes, the stairs were about to be removed and just made it in time. We felt like idiots, but what can you do? I can't imagine what would have happened if we missed that flight. It was an easy flight there because the girls slept the entire way! Eric and I weren't so lucky, but we at least got to watch a couple of movies. Seattle was a pain in the butt! It took us over 90 minutes to check in because only two people were working at the front desk at US Airways. Curses. But, it wasn't too bad of a flight with the girls. My parents picked us up at Sky Harbor and the girls were super excited to see grandma and poppy.
We pretty much slept half the next day. May have had something to do with the girls not going to bed until 2am or so. Stupid jet lag! But, we had a couple of days of relaxing with my parents in Phoenix.
My mom took all four of us back to the airport on the 21st to fly to Dayton, Ohio. We ended up renting a car and drove to Lexington, Kentucky to see Eric's Best Man and family for several days. It was my first time in Kentucky plus we hadn't seen them for several years.
Now I'm sitting in my brother in law's kitchen in Dayton, Ohio on the internet. I love this town! Granted, we've been here just over a day and haven't seen much but it's beautiful here. Looks like a great family place.
We'll be leaving for Ann Arbor, Michigan tomorrow to see some of Eric's extended family. He's especially excited to see his grandma. I'm not sure if she's ever seen Chloe! After a couple days there we'll be heading back to Dayton and staying with friends of ours from Monterey, CA who happen to live out this way now. The military can be such a small world at times.
Ok, that is the quick and watered down version of the last two weeks and the upcoming couple of days. I really wanted to post the pictures below before leaving Japan, but it never happened. Here's the girls bowling for the first time. Eric and Chloe tied! Haaaaaaaa.

Showing Chloe how to use the ramp (please don't drop it on my foot)
A nice sequence of pictures

Jumping up and down, she's so excited to get several pins. It was so cute!

Not quite as excited as Etta, but Chloe still had fun!


Vicki said...

Excited to have you back in the US! I'd love to hear more about how you manage to get the kids on their new timezone. That must be quite a challenge! Ours went to bed 1 hour late last night and just about lost it. :)

The photos are so adorable!

Jen said...

Have fun on the rest of your vacation! Can't wait to see you when you get back to Phoenix! Jade is on Fall break for the next 2 weeks...hopefully we can get together for some fun!

Jill said...

Yea. . . an update. Enjoy your trip.