Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Our final drive from Shizuoka to Yokota AB

About 20 minutes down the toll road from changing the tire, everyone was forced to exit, the toll road was closed. So, we battled along with everyone else on the surface streets. Instead of the usual 3 hour drive (sometimes as fast as 2.5) it took 5 hours. Things we were thankful for: I asked Eric about the tire in time to stop under a bridge, otherwise he would have changed it in the rain; we stopped when we did because the tire blew just a minute or two later; we had a spare; the kids took a small nap during the drive; the other toll roads had opened up by the time we reached them. It could have been so much worse!
Eric and I both had our teeth cleaned this morning and Eric got some blood work done. We have dentist appointments for the girls next week as well as a check up for Chloe. Immunization wasn't up and working today so we can't check to see if the girls are current at the moment. Eric is at the post office mailing a bunch of stuff to my parents house since we'll be living out of suitcases until the end of Eric's TDY (until Jan 28th). Next Eric is going to look at getting rid of the van. Eric read that the paperwork to sell the van will take about 5 days (we have 9 days before flying out) he's going to check the off base sellers to see what they would give for it. We'd just like to be stress free and know the van is gone!
We'll see how the girls do in a one room apartment the next 9 days. Hope we don't want to kill them by the end. This is good practice, it will let us know if we all want to be in New Mexico or not.

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Vicki said...

Wow...that's crazy. You guys are going through so much right now! Hope the stay in one room goes well and your journey back to the states is safe.