Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ooya Matsuri- Our Neighborhood Festival
Ooya is the name of our neighborhood and had its summer festival last weekend. Friends of ours wanted to us to go along with them and we agreed to. We actually haven't been to this festival the entire time we've been here. We got a call from our friends the day of the festival and were asked if I wanted to wear a yukata (a cotton kimono worn during the summer months). I thought that was sweet of them, but, I am unusually tall and large compared to the Japanese so I thought it was impossible. We went to their home before the festival and Ayuko had let out a kimono to it's full length and just fit me. She also tied up the obi to look like a ribbon. They also picked up some wooden sandals for me, probably the largest size available. They were tight, but I made them work!
Here's their youngest, Atsuki-kun. He was too cute in this picture not to put on my blog.
Ayuko-san doing up Rino-chan's hair for the festival. I hadn't seen yukatas with a skirt before and thought she looks super cute.
Looking cute!
Kango-kun, Rino-chan, Ayuko-san, Etta, Chloe, and myself. We haven't been able to find Etta's yukata from last year (since our cruise, we must have left it somewhere) so they let us borrow Rino's old one.
Eating kakigori (shaved ice), trying to cool off.

Shinya-san and Ayuko-san's family. Yes, she is short and he is tall, makes for a cute couple.
Taiko performance
The kids spent the last 30 minutes just playing in the dirt. I had to shake out their girls' clothes before coming into the house and immediately went into the bath tub.
As we left the festival, Ayuko said I could keep the yukata for myself as well as the one Etta was wearing. That was super sweet of them. We had a fun time at the festival and saw a handful of Etta's friends from school too. Since the season of wearing yukatas is almost over, I went to a store to find the skirted yukata and found them on sale. It's not as cute as Rino's, but I'm glad we were able to pick them up before moving.


Vicki said...

Looks like fun and you look so cute in your outfit!

Jill said...

That litle boy is adorable. It is going to be so boring be back in the US.