Sunday, August 22, 2010

My First Completed Scrapbook
I've been working on the girls' scrapbooks for several years now but since I haven't been under any time constraints, they aren't done. About a year ago I decided I'd make a scrapbook for Aya as a gift before moving back to the US. I had some problems at the end because my last order of photos never arrived here from the states. So, I ended up just printing several of my favorites from our printer and called it quits. Do you want to see the finished product? Well, if you don't, just scroll to the bottom. I spent many nights working on it after the kids went to sleep so I have to show it off.
Our first play date at the Shizuoka Zoo.

Their first experience with the bounce house.
Aya teaching me how to make gyoza.
Dinner time at our house.
A great park nearby.
Aya made lunch for a picnic.
Making mochi on New Years day
A park nearby Aya's old home
Our weekend in Kakegawa together

Snake park near our house
Summer time fireworks
We've done lots of bouncing together!
Chloe's 2nd birthday
Our trip to Fuji Q Highlands and Toma Hills
Chloe's 3rd birthday
We had dinner with the Yamada's two weekends ago. We did the modern version of Nagashi Soumen. You may have seen a picture or two of us catching noddles down a bamboo water slide with chopsticks. This way we skip the sun, mosquitos, and heat. The green thing in the middle has water that circulates pretty quickly. The kids use forks, the adults get chopsticks. Pick up noodles and dip it into your bowl of sauce, yummy! Etta out ate all of us. I think she ate the same amount that all the adults ate combined!
Ann-chan, Hiro-san, Rico-chan, Aya-san, me, Chloe, Etta, Eric
The girls love crawling all over Hiro-san
The kids playing
A super cute picture of Ann-chan
Since we've been delayed another two weeks on moving, we get to have the Yamada's over for dinner one more time. Not much other news on the move except for that. Still waiting on orders, once we know more I'll post an update.


Jen said...

Your scrap book turned out great!! :)

Vicki said...

Beautiful scrapbook!!

Jill said...

Looks great. You should try digital scrapbooking -- heritage makers is who I use.

Tara said...

Wow, love the scrapbook! You inspire me...I have been too lazy to start one and I only have one kiddo, not two. :)