Sunday, August 08, 2010

Last Tokyo Trip
We decided that since we are moving back to the states in the next month, we were calling this our last vacation. Got to save up as much as we can for two cars, a house, cell phones, and whatever appliances we need to purchase. Yikes.
On our way up to our hotel in Tokyo, we stopped in Yokohama to go to the aquarium Sea Paradise. Chloe had a fever the day before and had been up and down since then. Seems like whenever we go to Tokyo someone is sick. It was too late to call and cancel so we figured we were going regardless. Unfortunately after 90 minutes or so at the aquarium, Chloe's fever spiked and the Motrin was in the car. We look at it as donating $100 to the Japanese economy that day. Here is one of two pictures we took there. What we saw was real nice though.
The girls and I took a nap from the aquarium to the New Sanno Hotel, which is just for military. We love the king suite. It has a king bed plus a pull out bed for the girls. Not to mention its spacious. Can't find a better deal in Tokyo than this! Chloe's fever was down by the time we got there and they enjoyed playing in the room.
Our first full day in Tokyo was spent at Hanayashiki, the oldest amusement park in Japan, built in 1853. Of course, door to door it took us about an hour to get there. Walk from hotel to station, two stations, then another walk to the park. Walking with the girls takes forever!
We had to walk through a famous temple in Asakusa, Sensoji, to get to the amusement park. There was an open market through it too with lots of Japanese souvenirs. It was fun to look,. but didn't buy anything. It was even more expensive than normal!

Here are the girls and I in front of the entrance to the amusement park.
The girls' favorite ride was the merry go round which the went on at least a dozen times. Oddly enough we didn't get any pictures of them on it. Here are some of the things we road on.
A tiny Ferris wheel
Swan ride
This was a little airplane on a sky track. It was peddle powered.
Eric and Etta were ahead of us and stopped for picture taking.
Space shot, just imagine being shot up into the air. Eric and I did it individually and each time we were the only riders.
see my feet?
Eric's turn.
I'm in the back of the roller coaster.
This was such a strange ride. It goes up then shakes up and down, real jerky. Not something I'd want to ride but Etta did it several times and was smiling each time.
Here she is again. Chloe wasn't interested in riding it.
We rode in ginger bread houses that were taken up into the air and spun around. It was so hot!
Etta enjoyed this one too!
See Eric riding the coaster? The girls and I were hanging out in a little pool.
Eric is waving.
It was so hot we didn't mind the girls getting completely drenched in here. Kept them cool the rest of our stay at the park.
I thought this was funny.
We spent the rest of our time in Tokyo basically playing at the pool. It's indoors which is ideal for our family. We had wanted to go to the Ueno Zoo or to another aquarium but we were told the animals would just be laying around looking sad in the heat. Plus we didn't want to walk and ride several trains to get to the only other aquarium in Tokyo we haven't been to. So this is what we did the rest of our time at the New Sanno.
The indoor pool plus a hot tub to the left.
the kiddie pool
Chloe and her enormous floaty, great for the lazy river at our local pool.
Etta, she's such a ham.
I can't even imagine how many times she jumped into this pool over the course of our three days in Tokyo.
Worn out Chloe!
We even met up with a friend for dinner. He took us to a South Indian restaurant which was great. Even more spicy than the Northern Indian food that we eat. We stopped at Yokota AB on our way home and ended up staying there all day long. We were expecting Chloe to get another fever and were just waiting to see if we'd need to stop by urgent care. Luckily, she's been fever free for days now. We picked up mail, did some shopping, and showed our van to a potential buyer (which he decided to not wait until next month and bought something else). We planned to leave later so the girls could just go to bed in their car seats. On our way out of town there was a big festival that detoured us from the toll road and it took us nearly an extra hour to get home. It was horrible, but luckily the girls slept through half of it then watched a movie for the other half. Only one more trip up to Yokota and that will be right before moving. Still no orders so we can't schedule our pack out date and our airplanes back to the US. Hope to have more info in the coming week.

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