Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Summer Festival!
Friends of ours mentioned an upcoming festival located in our neighborhood shrine and thought nothing of it until he mentioned walking on fire. That got our attention. We dressed the girls up (I didn't bother with my summer kimono because I have yet to learn an obi knot) and walked to the bottom of our neighborhood where all the vendors were set up to purchase food and stuff for kids. It was fun seeing all the different food options. Eric and I opted for things we've never had before; something literally translated into 'pork roll' and something that consisted mainly of cabbage, egg, bacon, and shrimp then slathered in takoyaki sauce. I don't think I'll ever eat them again, but it was fun trying something new. The girls of course picked hot dogs.
As Eric said, "Here I am holding my wiener." Sausages are sometimes referred to as 'wee-na' and Etta says it too. I'll have to break her of that before saying it in America. Just doesn't mean the same thing there.
Trying to cool off with strawberry kakigori (saved ice).
Chloe opted for lemon.
From the vendors, we walked up these stairs to reach the shrine for the coal walking . I loved how they decorated the stairs.
I'm not sure if these guys are monks or referred to as something else. But, this guy is lighting up all the wood and kindling.
Several of the monks walked through the flames.
Here they are beating down the flames and making a thin layer of coals to be walked on.
After Etta's friend Ami-chan walked through with her daddy, Etta was adamant to go through too. So, Eric broke down and went across with Etta on his shoulders.
Etta had her hands over her eyes.
We let the girls pick out one thing each to buy from the vendors. Etta picked a Shifu mask, a character from Pu-ri-q-a (sound that out as written). I'm not sure if it's just a character or if it's from a show, but Etta has learned it from her school friends. Chloe went with the blinking bows. They were both happy.
We met up with friends at their old apartment complex for front row seats to the fireworks. No zoom needed here.

As for an update on our move...we are getting closer to getting orders. We should have them 7-10 duty days from Monday. However, we may be able to get the house packed out before we have them in hand. We'll find out for sure this Monday. Fingers crossed.

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