Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Very Busy Spider

If you've never read the Very Busy Spider, then you won't understand my title for today's post. The last page says it had been a "very busy day" for the spider who spun a web and then caught a fly at the end of the day. For us, Saturday was a very busy day just like that of the spider.
The college kids from Shizuoka University that come weekly to play/talk with the girls were having their annual party for the kids. Unfortunately Etta had gymnastics during the first half of the party so Eric and Chloe went on without us. Here are some of the pictures Eric took.
Playing games
For the Tanabata festival, you write your wishes on paper and tie them to a bamboo branch. I can't remember what Eric said he wrote for Chloe. Possibly seeing Grandma and Grandpas soon.
Here's part of the group, not as many kids as last year.

Chloe checking out her necklace
Etta and I showed up just after the nagashi somen started; which is bamboo split lengthwise with flowing water and the occasional bunch of noodles coming down for people to grab and eat. I've added a link with some fun pictures since we were too busy eating rather than taking pictures. Here's the set up.
This year they also put little jellies down the shoot which is extremely hard to grab with chopsticks. Imagine picking up a jello jiggler with chopsticks while flowing down water. It was funny. Here's Chloe enjoying the water splashing her feet.
After lunch, we got to participate in our first suikawari. People are usually blindfolded but since some of the kids were so little we didn't follow the usual rules. I had to help Chloe smack the watermelon three time.
Unfortunately one of the kids kicked some dirt on a portion of the watermelon so I didn't feel the need to eat any, but Etta and Chloe did!
The girls hadn't had watermelon for awhile so they ate quite a bit.
Chloe was the last one standing at the watermelon and the college kids kept feeding her.

Everyone was amazed at the size of Chloe's stomach when she finally finished eating.
The girls were interested in this guy who came to the park to eat his lunch.
While we were at the party we got a phone call from friends of ours that were scheduled to come for dinner the next evening. He had gotten done with work early and it was a nice day so he wondered if we should switch our dinner party to that night instead. I was freaked out since the house was a mess, I hadn't figured out the meal, they were planning on coming over in 2 hours, we were still at the party, and I needed to go to the store. Well, it all worked out in the end even though we were really busy. The kids kept themselves entertained while we both cleaned and cooked food and we all had a good time.
Our friends returned home around 9pm and we were exhausted from our busy day. Needless to say we didn't have a hard time getting the kids to sleep that night. It had been a very busy day.


Lysandra said...

What a great post!! I especially love when they are all amazed at her tummy! Too cute!

Jill said...

I want to be the lazy sleepy spider. I never catch the fly at the end of the day. The annual party looked so fun. You all might be bored if you come back to the US. ;) It would nice to see you though!!!